Album Reviews

Album reviews:

All Time Low – Dirty Work

Arthur Walwin – For One More Night

Austin Gibbs – Charlie

Back On Earth – Imagine Us

Before You Exit – I Like That

Brighter Brightest – Right For Me

Charlie Simpson – Young Pilgrim

Demi Lovato – Unbroken

Every Avenue – Bad Habits

Fall Out Boy – Save Rock And Roll

Imagine Dragons – Night Visions

Kids In Glass Houses – Peace

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  1. Hello!

    I’d like to submit the first album “Foundations” from A Call To Sincerity (Paris, FR) for a review on your website. Here come some informations about the band and it’s album.
    Thank you for reading and considering it.


    A Call To Sincerity (Paris, France)


    “Foundations” streaming link:

    Buy “Foundations” on iTunes:

    Buy the physical copy:


    Formed in the early 2010, A Call To Sincerity (or ACTS) released its 5 tracks EP “Acts” in December 2010 and played with bands such as While She Sleeps (Good Fight Music) or Betraying the Martyrs (Sumerian Records). In February 2012, the Parisian band released its first full length “Foundations”. They will also play with Architects (Center Media Records) on next March, 22.Their first video clip can be streamed here:


    Band’s influences are numerous and go from Your Demise to For The Fallen Dreams or The Ghost Inside.

    Album description:

    “Foundations” is an album which combines an heavy sound and melodic parts. This mix of styles is quite similar to the modern melodic hardcore.


    1- Get Out Alive

    2- Deceiver

    3- At The Edge Of…

    4- …Our World

    5- The Novelist

    6- A Misunderstanding

    7- Through Horizons

    8- Whispers

    9- Mayhem

    10- Walking Straight Across Bad Omens

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