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Partenariat Concerts et Médias :

Les partenariats organisés avec les productions de concerts et autres médias (concours, visibilité) ne sont pas d’ordre lucratif mais d’ordre promotionnel pour l’un et l’autre des partenaires.

Distortion Concerts, Only Talent Production, Gérard Drouot Production, ONE magazine, Goom Radio, Universal Music, Warner Music, Sony Music, EMI Music, Alternativ News, Gagavision.net,


3 responses to “About

  1. I just love the way you talk about music. The passion you have about it. And I won’t give up my opinion that you’re such a lucky girl to really live your passion! How amazing must that be? !

    I might suggest you a few bands soon.. I’ll think about it 😉

  2. Hello i am Stella(public promotions of) LAST CALL BACK HOME,i submit material for a review. At moment have a Ep ” When The Line Starts” you can listen to it for entire to this http://soundcloud.com/last-call-back-home
    Now lcbh are working to debut the Album with Antonio Filippelli (Vanilla Sky) out in september
    We appreciate a lot your job and we hope to enjoy
    Best Regards
    Hope to hear from you soon



    Last Call Back Home

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